Cyber Protection and AI for the DS TECHEETAH Formula E Team

DS TECHEETAH are the reigning champions of Formula E, having triumphed in one of the most exciting seasons of the revolutionary motorsport series. Key to that success is a crucial partnership with Acronis, which the team entered into before the start of their successful 2019 campaign.

How Data Drives Formula E

Data is of vital importance to the rapidly developing world of electric racing. Important data points are collected, processed, and analyzed in real time, helping teams make actionable decisions during the race. Each team transmits this same data back to the factory for use in designing and engineering future improvements.

The advent of having brake by wire, or BBW as it’s called by the engineers, has brought a new level of complexity in terms of how we manage that torque balance with and without regeneration during the course of a race, in harvesting energy. Brake cooling ducts are now allowed.
Front wing and wheels
Front wing and wheels
For season 5, there is a minimal front wing to balance the extra downforce created at the back. Semi enclosed front wheels reduce drag and aid the front wing’s effectiveness.
Rear wing and diffuser
Rear wing and diffuser
Minimal rear X-wing and a huge diffuser creates most of the downforce from under the car. This created less drag and less sensitivity when following another car.
The new battery has double the range of the old unit and allows the car to complete a full race distance of 45 minutes plus one lap. Output from the motor is up 50 kW to 250 kW. It has double the energy and double the voltage at 800 V.
Energy recovery
Energy recovery
Energy recovered under braking is increased to 250 kW and a highly efficient powertrain transfers nearly all the available energy to the track. Drivers complete the race without the need for any gearshift or clutch.



Designers and Engineers

In creating the best Formula E car possible, the team generates massive amounts of data. That information needs to be backed up and protected, whilst remaining easily accessible.

Annual Growth of Data

In the factory, designing and developing new race car technology creates a whole new stream of data. The amount of data that needs to be managed is constantly expanding – increasing approximately 50% each year.

How Acronis Protects DS TECHEETAH Formula E

Reliance on data and rapidly growing volumes of data require a cyber protection solution that can handle it all without adding stress to the available resources. Acronis safeguards:


Defends physical and virtual, file and SQL servers


Secures files for the engineering team


Backs up mailboxes and SharePoint accounts


Protects hundreds of terabytes, which is expected to expand into several petabytes in the coming years

Keith Smout

Acronis is a world leader in the field of cyber protection and disaster recovery software, and we are very pleased to welcome them to the DS TECHEETAH family. This partnership will open up new mechanisms for data analysis and predictive capability in the high-pressure environment of Formula E. We look forward to building a winning relationship together – both on track and in the world of global technology

Keith Smout

Chief Commercial Officer, DS TECHEETAH Formula E Team